Senqu Capital


Senqu Capital was established with the objective of generating superior returns for our investors over the medium to long term. We manage a single hedge fund strategy that expresses our very best ideas at any given point in time and we invest directly alongside you in this fund.

We aim to attract partners who believe in our investment process, have a long investment time horizon and who are unlikely to redeem capital in times of market panic. We focus on the quality of our investor base and recognise how this benefits all our investors collectively. We recognise that trust is earned and endeavour to communicate with partners in a manner that is transparent in order to continuously enhance your confidence in our process.

Historic success is a function of yesterday’s decisions, but continued future performance relies on superior insights about tomorrow. By applying our investment philosophy unfailingly every day, we will deliver on our objective of generating superior returns for our investors.


The Senqu Capital team is made up of Andrew Crawford and Stephen Carew.


Bottom up investment processes are traditionally described as “value”, “momentum” or “growth”…


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Our partners, Stockdale Street, represent the Oppenheimer family’s private equity interests in SA.